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Meat Bun

Meat Bun aims to bring fashion and quality to video game themed apparel. All of our designs have to be able to stand on their own good looks, but will get you a nod from other gamers who recognize the references. Our shirts are always soft, cut well, and made right here in the USA. Our printing processes focus on reproducing our designs in the highest fidelity possible, while maintaining breathability and a pleasing feel. We have been doing this since 2006.

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Nikuman (meat bun) (肉まん; derived from 肉饅頭 niku (meat) manjū) is a Japanese food made from flour dough, and filled with cooked ground pork or other ingredients. It is a kind of chūka man (中華まん lit. Chinese-style steamed bun) similar to the Chinese baozi (包子),

Nikuman are steamed and often sold as street food. From about August or September, through the winter months until roughly the beginning of April, Chūka man are available at convenience stores, where they are kept hot.